Re-Inventing Community Space






    High cost of building limits community access to affordable space.

    This initiative has the potential to be a game-changer in the paradigm of creating affordable community space, taking the successful Pop Up infrastructure model from the commercial to the community sector. It will allow groups from 3 diverse communities to explore the potential for innovative community-public private partnerships to provide viable solutions in 3 inner-city suburbs - Mt Dennis, Humber Summit and Scarborough.

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    Residents in Weston Mount Dennis have been trying to find affordable community space for some time. Similarly, access to affordable programming space in Humber Summit is also limited, and many small community groups in Scarborough such as Scarborough Arts Council, Spoken Heard, Current and the African Canadian Heritage Association, are also looking for affordable, sustainable community space.

  • affordable

    The cost of building is prohibitive for community partners in isolated, low-income communities who, while delivering valuable services, have limited access to resources. The average cost of a traditional new build is $200 per square ft. while the cost of builds using Pop Up infrastructure ranges from $50 to $100.

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    Our Transformational Approach to Re-inventing Community Space' has the potential to completely change the paradigm in the area of creating community space.




Feasibility Study on Pop-up Infrastructure -- Re-Inventing Community Space

While community space is a core component of building healthy communities, access to such space has often been a challenge for low income communities because of the prohibitive costs involved. The use of pop-up infrastructure has largely been in commercial arenas and the serious exploration of these types of structures as a trans-formative approach to addressing the urgent need for community space has not taken place. With funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, Delta and Social Planning Toronto are key partners in exploring this option.

This initiative aims to shift the discourse of using pop-up infrastructure, explore the feasibility of creating community-public and private partnerships to provide affordable, accessible community space for residents, agencies and local entrepreneurs in low income communities. It will test the feasibility of establishing community and or shared community/local entrepreneurial space in three communities located in Toronto's inner suburbs, creating models which can be replicated and adapted by community organizations across the city.

This initiative is a collaborative involving several entities including, among others: Delta Family Resource Centre, the lead agency, is responsible for coordination of the community development component of the initiative Weston Mount Dennis ANC/Social Planning Toronto -- a key partner bringing planning expertise and supporting the community development function

The consultant(s) will work closely with the Delta staff team and the Steering Committee to conduct the feasibility study. The project will begin in November 2016 and will be completed in May 2017. Delta is an equal opportunity employer.

  • A concise overview of pop up infrastructure usage in private and public space – locally, nationally and internationally
  • Assessment of the feasibility (financial and otherwise) of using pop up infrastructure to re-invent community space
  • Creation of a road map to allow agencies, communities and resident leaders to implement this option
  • Exploration of the policy framework and permissions (zoning, RAC, permits, hydro, sewer etc.) required from the City, TDSB, TCHC for implementation of such a model in the City of Toronto
  • Comparison of various building and construction methods
  • Address potential technical issues related to implementation of this model
  • Identification of possible contractors/partners
  • Identification and mapping of potential sites in each community
  • Lead a Charette and develop 2 – 3 potential design models
  • Identification of possible financing models
  • Plan with the team a round table and a symposium/forum on the topic
  • Final report
  • Creation of a “How To” manual
  • Listing of other potential sites of Pop Up Sites

  • The budget for this contract is $17,000- $20,000 inclusive of taxes and incidentals

Submitted proposal should include the following:
  • Understanding of the request
  • Methodology
  • Work plan
  • Time line
  • Identification of the principal consultant(s) working on the feasibility study, with a description of their qualifications to do this feasibility study
  • Budget

Questions may be directed by email to: on or before Oct 23, 2016. Responses will be posted publicly on October 25th on the DFRC website ( under the FAQ tab. Proposals must not exceed 10 pages.

Submitted proposal should include the following:
  • 10% Understanding of the project
  • 15% Methodology
  • 25% Work plan and Timelines
  • 10% Budget
  • 20% Experience
  • 15% Philosophical commitment to community engagement
  • 5% Presentation

Proposals must be submitted to Delta by October 31st. Please submit proposals electronically Delta by 5:00pm on October 31st at the following email address: with Pop-Up RFP in the subject line

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